NOVI Attorneys is a cooperation between several independent law firms, which enables us to serve our clients within a wide array of practice areas in a relevant and useful fashion that adds value to you. We attach great importance to our collaboration that allows us to consult with and draw on the wide network that we are all a part of, in domestic as well as cross-border cases.

NOVI Attorneys is covered by a joint professional indemnity insurance policy with HDI Gerling. The company numbers (CVR/VAT nos) of the individual law firms are available below.

Each of the independent NOVI Attorneys participating firms Advokat Mikkel Baaring Lerche and advokat Morten Lau Smith has a client account with Danske Bank. Advokat Mikkel Baaring Lerche, respectively advokat Morten Lau Smith, is not liable for client funds deposited with our bank in the event that the bank becomes distressed. In such event funds deposited on client accounts are subject to the Danish act on deposit guarantees and are thus subject to a general limitation of EUR 100,000 (app. DKK 750,000) covering all accounts held by the client with the bank in question, including funds in client accounts and in the client’s own accounts.

All attorneys are subject to the Danish Bar and Law Society’s supervisory and disciplinary system and to the lawyers’ rules of professional conduct (see section 126 of the Danish Administration of Justice Act). The Danish Bar and Law Society’s Code of Conduct for lawyers also applies.

All attorneys are authorised by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society. The legal address of all attorneys is Toldbodgade 89, 1253 Copenhagen. All relevant contact details are available on our website.