We advise clients in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, medical device and biotech industry on regulatory and commercial matters, competition law, public procurement and intellectual property rights.

In addition to parallel import and parallel distribution, patents and SPCs, we counsel on:

  • Data exclusivity
  • CMD(h) referrals and CHMP arbitration
  • LLCM strategies
  • R&D
  • Clinical trials
  • Technology transfer
  • Trade secrets
  • Access to files/FoI
  • Licenses and partnerships
  • Non-disclosure
  • Distribution/co-marketing agreements

We also offer advice on all matters relating to market access, pricing and reimbursement, e-Business, sponsorships, advertising and promotional marketing law.

We act as a strategic partner to our clients in connection with transactions, investments and restructurings as well as compliance with competition law, whether through agreements, concerted practices or mergers and acquisitions.

Steffen Theodor Petersen
M: +45 4144 1582